Code of Conduct

Our Goals

The goals of Homestead Beer Company are to build community through remarkable local beer, exceptional customer service and unique experience. Safety, comfort and acceptance of our staff, customers and business partners is a top priority and ensures that we meet our goals.

Homestead Beer Company vows to provide a safe and inclusive space regardless of orientation, gender identity or expression, ethnicity, race, age, nationality, disability, religion, or sexuality.

Homestead Beer Co. does not allow racism, sexism, homophobia, ableism, transphobia, xenophobia or any other form of oppression in our brewery and Public Houses. Any conduct that does not align with our values will not be tolerated, and will be investigated thoroughly.

Employees, guests, and suppliers are encouraged to connect with the Homestead Beer Co. human resources committee if they hear or see any incidences of harassment, discrimination, bullying, or any other type of unwelcome behavior. Whether that behavior is physical or verbal harassment, inherent bias, belittling, demeaning jokes, perpetuating stereotypes, threatening or intimidating behavior, intentional and continuous misgendering, misogynistic behavior, abuse of power, unwanted sexual advances or remarks: it will not be tolerated by Homestead Beer Co.

The Homestead Beer Co. human resources committee will follow through with an investigation and connect with the individual who made the report to ensure that they feel heard and respected. Reporting can also be done anonymously through our website.


Digital reporting of any worrisome behavior can be submitted directly to the Homestead Beer Co. human resources committee at or anonymously below

Violation of this Code of Conduct will be fully investigated, and failure to uphold Homestead Beer Co.'s values will be met with appropriate consequences:

Staff - corrective action will be taken where appropriate. Consequences can range from employee coaching to immediate termination of employment.

Guests - could be refused service, asked to leave, and banned from our brewery and Public Houses.

Suppliers - will be held accountable to take appropriate corrective actions against those responsible for violations.

False and malicious complaints of harassment, discrimination, or retaliation (as opposed to complaints that, even if erroneous, are made in good faith) may be the subject of appropriate disciplinary action.

Retaliation against an individual for reporting harassment or discrimination is a serious violation of this policy and will be subject to disciplinary action. Acts of retaliation should be reported immediately and will be promptly investigated and addressed.

Homestead Beer Co. encourages the prompt reporting of complaints or concerns so that rapid and constructive action can be taken. Therefore, while no fixed reporting period has been established, early reporting and intervention have proven to be the most effective method of resolving incidents of harassment.

All incidents will be investigated and corrected accordingly until all human resources committee members and those directly affected by the incident feel heard, safe and satisfied.

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